Little Rock Garden

Welcome to my home based business page.

            I began my passion for collecting rocks when I was just a little toddler while growing up in Mission, BC.  My mom said I would always bring them home from the playgrounds or the side of the roads and put them in a giant glass jar for safe keeping. I would take them all out sometimes and give them a good cleaning to see how unique they all were and wonder what to do with them next.One year, my parents bought me a rock tumbler but sadly I never got to use it as they couldn’t afford t buy all the grit and polish I would need for it.  So it sat in my closet until we moved one year and I never saw it again.  One day, I knew I would have another one and actually be able to use it, about 4 years ago I bought one and it has been in almost constant use since. Now that one got so much use, Jeff bought me a new one for Christmas, even bigger and better.

My interest in beneficial plants and herbs also goes back to my childhood.  I have many influences that started getting me thinking.  One memory I have is being in my front yard and being introduced to the flower of the purple clover.  I was told I could pick the tops and suck out the nectar, it tastes just like honey, I thought this is great a little snack right in my lawn!  In later years I would take nature walks and learn about the native plants I saw.  Everything in nature has a purpose and so many unique qualities to them.

Since 2006, I have been a makeup artist, working in theatre, film, weddings, fashion and creatives.  I began researching all the ingredients in makeup and skin care and noticed how many harmful ingredients are still being used in the cosmetic industry.  I wanted to get away from the synthetics and realised I could make my own skin care that my whole family could use.  I decided to do my own studies and use the herbs I grow in my own garden to create holistic body care. I hope to expand my line as I gain more knowledge of the plants that grow around me.

        Starting September 2017 I am enrolled in the Chartered Herbalist course at Dominion Herbal College and I practice herbalism every time I step out into nature.

It is now official!  I have my diploma and am a Chartered Herbalist.  Even though I have finished this course I am always studying what nature has to offer us.

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